If you are new to the 3d printing scene then you should first know that Cilllia 3D Hair Printing is the best way to start when building new 3D inventions. Many people who are new to 3D printing think that 3D builders could only print blocky items; things like clay, metal, etc things that cannot bend or increase “Energy”. Here we will give you a few reasons why you should start 3D printing with Cilllia because using it will give you a higher advantage when it comes to building something awesome.

Cilllia 3D Hair Printing

Cilllia 3D Hair Printing

Did you know that you could 3D print hair? Well now you could! Cilllia 3D Hair Printing is programmed to print hair strands just 50 Microns thick. These hairs that are only 50 microns thick could become an adhesive, sensors and actuators.

Inspired by regular hair, the Cilllia 3D project will be a cool tool for engineers and people who are in robotics.

Cilllia 3D Hair Software

Cilllia 3D Hair Printing 3D View

The Cilllia 3D Hair Printing Software is built using a bitmap program that generates hairy structures that help define the hair’s angle, thickness, density and height.

This allows 3D printed hair to be really dense.

With Cilllia 3D Hair Printing the hair structures can be programmed to have different hair shapes. There is many 3D printing objects that have a “Bland” appearance, could you think about having 3D printed tiger with hair built with Cilllia?

Cilllia 3D Hair Printing Projects

When you think about building 3D projects with Cilllia there is just so many options to choose from, whether you want to have a specific object to have hair just for show or you could print the structures for movement actuators that can track or move to a certain path.

Things such as brushes, free energy projects and more could be built using the Cilllia project.

We hope you build something cool with Cilllia 3D Hair Printing!